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Developing Dry Plates and Developing Plates with the Eastman Plate Tank – How to Make Good Pictures

Plate tanks are relatively easy to find on ebay or from some of our favorite sellers like Pacific Rim Camera . I've seen a number of proud new owners posting photos of their tanks in various collectors groups. I thought it might be helpful to repost the following article describing how to develop using the Eastman Plate Tank. This is taken from a 1910s copy of Kodak's How to make Good Pictures,  an excellent book which I was fortunate enough to buy at an specialty shop in Oregon, Shadowsmith Photographics.  Developing Dry Plates & Developing Plates with the Eastman Plate Tank from How to Make Good Pictures 1910–1920 DEVELOPING DRY PLATES. The foregoing directions apply to dry plates as well as the chemical treatment being the same, except that the preliminary wetting may be omitted with plates. Plates, however, must be handled in the solutions one at a time as they would scratch each other if a larger number were put into the trays simultaneously. They should also b

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