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Equipment for Color-Photography – Photo-Era Magazine, 1920

Occasionally when I show friends and acquaintances an old camera I'm fixing, one from before the invention of modern color film, the person I'm talking to is surprised to learn that cameras such as, for example, the No. 2 Brownie I'm showing them is compatible with color film. I often like to then show off  the photo of the Emir of Bukhara below to my companion,  and ask them to guess the age of the photograph. I don't think anyone I've talked to has yet to guess anywhere near 1911, the actual date of this particular photo.

It doesn't seem commonly known to those who are unfamiliar with or uninterested in the history of photography, but color photography, despite being fairly uncommon before the introduction of Kodak's color film in 1935, still goes back in one form or another almost as far as photography itself. 
I came across the following article while reading a copy of Photo-Era Magazine from 1920. In it, the author discusses the practical challenges of c…

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