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Seashore Exposures–Sketch Book Leaves–The Amateur Photographer's Weekly, 1916

The beach can be a harsh environment for cameras and photographers alike. Between sand, salt, water and sunlight, there's any number of things that can cause harm to the camera body or even the human body. B.B. Snowden weighs in with six practical tips for beach photographers in the August 18th, 1916 edition of The Amateur Photographer's Weekly. Christina in Red, 1913 Mervyn O'Gorman Medium: Autochrome plate SKETCHBOOK LEAVES Seashore Exposures by B.B. Snowden The Amateur Photographer's Weekly Friday, August 18, 1916 FOR readers who spend their vacations at the shore, there are a few simple pointers which, if carefully observed, will help materially in assuring success. In the first place, the camera itself should receive especial care. When not in use it should be kept in its case, and it should not be left lying around as one may leave a camera in inland lo calories without great risk. The blistering sun of a hot day at the shore and the penetrating dampness

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