Sky Railroading, White Mountains, New Hampshire - 1891 Stereograph

When you see old photos of steam engines that have derailed and crashed, it makes you wonder how comfortable people of the day felt when crossing large bridges like the one in this stereograph. This was published by B.W. Kilburn of Littleton New Hampshire in 1891. The photograph doesn't capture much background detail, but everything on the train is rendered clearly with fairly good contrast, and if you look closely you can even see the engineer looking out his window. The railroad bridge with its struts cascading from the tracks to the ground, suspending everything who only knows how high, is a bit surprising for its lack of overhead suspension and and guard railings. Travel and transport like this, I can imagine, would have been horrible for the person with the fear of heights seated by a window.

Below is my scan of the original stereograph. In the future, I may include edited formats for standalone parallel viewing. I've also been toying with making a template that would work well with Google Cardboard, since that's an easy stereograph viewer anyone can easily acquire and use.

4585, Sky Railroading, White Mts., N. H.
Copyright 1891, by B. W. Kilburn.
Photographed and Published by
B. W. KILBURN, - Littleton, N. H.

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